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OceanView Initiatives to Reduce Petroleum-Based Plastics on Campus

At OceanView, we lean heavily towards being a green energy retirement community. In every aspect of our community, we prioritize our focus on renewable resources, recycling and composting, reusable products and energy efficiency.
At OceanView, we lean heavily towards being a green energy retirement community. In every aspect of our community, we prioritize our focus on renewable resources, recycling and composting, reusable products and energy efficiency. Read more


OceanView Epitomizes Solar-Powered Retirement Living

By Will Byers, ReVision Energy

OceanView at Falmouth harnesses New England’s abundant solar resource to attract new residents, to reduce energy costs and carbon pollution, and to provide year-round comfort in their facilities. Since 2009, they have saved more than $170,000, and eliminated over 1.4 million pounds of carbon pollution.

“Seniors are very warm and welcoming to clean energy technology,” remarked Chris Wasileski, director of development at OceanView. “These days no one blinks an eye at seeing panels on the roof – in fact they’re really happy to have the energy savings. Folks are amazed at how these solar-powered homes perform, and how simple it is to save energy.”

The recently-completed Schoolhouse Cottages neighborhood is made up of 48 homes that each have 10 solar panels – in all there are 615 solar panels at OceanView, and 105 solar hot water collectors that have collectively created nearly 6 billion BTUs of heat since their installation.

Long-Term Collaboration for Smart Growth


Schoolhouse Cottages Solar Panels

OceanView has partnered with ReVision Energy on over 60 solar projects, including solar electricity, solar hot water, solar pool heating, hyper-efficient heating/cooling equipment, and electric vehicle charging stations. Chris Wasileski noted that solar is instrumental to their vision of a retirement community that provides outdoor recreation opportunities, environmental sustainability and all the comforts of modern living.

“The partnership with ReVision has really worked hand-in-hand with our growth – we try to incorporate solar energy into every single unit or building that we build. It’s a line item that we have on every project,” said Chris. By pairing solar power with advanced building techniques and materials, the living spaces in OceanView are comfortable, efficient and enjoy much lower energy costs.

The solar return on investment has added up for Chris and his father John, who have nearly reached the milestone of installing a megawatt of rooftop solar power across OceanView at Falmouth and their other retirement communities. Solar is more than just a force for their business though, it’s also a win-win for OceanView residents and the natural environment.


Solar Electric Vehicle Charger On Campus

Continuing in line with OceanView’s Commitment to Sustainability, a new Electric Vehicle Charger has been installed on our campus, powered by solar energy. Barry Woods, Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation at ReVision Energy, says, “As we continue to see more electric vehicles come on the roads, there will be a real need to provide infrastructure to accommodate the increasing need for charging stations. Maine also has the highest usage of oil per capita than any other state, so finding energy alternatives is crucial in chipping-away at that number. Between all the solar installations and now this vehicle charger, OceanView really is ahead of the curve.”

New OceanView resident Mollie loves her Tesla and had a vehicle charger installed in her new Schoolhouse Cottage, which all include grid-tied solar electric systems and each save 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of CO2 per year. Mollie is glad that OceanView values the environment and recognizes that green energy alternatives are important to sustainability.

OceanView was honored to be named the top winner in the Business Leadership Category at the “eco-Excellence Awards” held in Portland. And OceanView hosted a Business Energy Fair along with the Chamber of Commerce and Town of Falmouth.


OceanView Awarded Top Winner in Business Excellence

OceanView at Falmouth was named the top winner in the Business Leadership Category at the ‘eco-Excellence Awards’ held in Portland.
The ‘eco-Excellence Awards’ is an annual program organized by ‘ecomaine’ to recognize individuals, businesses and schools that demonstrate effectiveness in raising awareness, community impact, and ease of replication of their sustainability programs or initiatives. A non-profit, ‘ecomaine’ is a recycling and waste-to-energy operation serving a third of the Maine’s population.
As OceanView has thrived and grown over the past 31 years of operation, it has kept a thoughtful eye toward sustainability. The list of OceanView’s accomplishments include diversion of 30,000 pounds of food scraps, dozens of kilowatt hours of grid-tied solar electric, a 360-tube solar hot water collector, 18,000 gallons of displaced propane, over $1 million invested in renewable energy, elimination of more than 223,000 pounds of CO2 emissions, and rooftop solar arrays being installed on new residences which will each save an additional 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of CO2 per year.
OceanView’s community also offers a robust composting and recycling program. Cooking oil is recycled and reused for biodiesel and soaps, produce and seafood is locally-sourced, all disposable products are sourced from recycled or compostable materials, along with the composting of food waste. The construction of OceanView’s Blueberry Commons, Legacy Memory Care, Lunt School, and Schoolhouse Cottages projects recycled 95% of all waste and surplus materials. Solid core wood doors, vinyl windows, cabinetry, appliances, and laminate countertops from older buildings are continuously donated to Habitat for Humanity.
Artist’s rendering of the Friends School of Portland
Through a funding partnership with the Friends School of Portland, OceanView enabled the school to fulfill its vision of being a ‘Net Zero Building’ with the purchase and installation of a 144-panel solar array. The facility was the first commercial project in the Maine, and the third school in the nation, to achieve ‘Passive House Certification’ – the highest international energy efficiency standard.
“The Business Leadership category recognizes businesses that don’t operate under a mission focused on environmental sustainability or conversation, but who make it their job to integrate it into everything they do. OceanView has done a notable job of demonstrating that both large scale and small-scale sustainability programs are achievable and replicable,” said Caleb Hemphill, chair of ‘ecomaine’s’ Outreach & Recycling Committee. “We have a growing need for senior housing solutions and OceanView is an exemplary, very relevant model to other developers across the state.”
Visit our Commitment to Sustainability page for more information on how OceanView stays ‘Green!’
OceanView to host the Chamber of Commerce Energy Fair on April 12th. [Click for Details]

Lunt Professional Building Solar Panels Operational


The latest addition to our campus’ solar panels came online last month. Placed along the roof of our Lunt Professional Building, the panels went to work right away in helping the environment. Within just the first week of operation, the panels generated 935 Kilowatt Hours!
So what does 935 Kilowatt Hours translate to? That’s enough electricity to power 2,936.23 light bulbs for a day! 668.15 kilograms of CO2 emissions were saved, which is equivalent to planting 37.79 trees. And this was only the first week.




This is one of many solar electricity and hot water systems on the OceanView campus, including Hilltop Lodge, the Main Lodge Expansion, Blueberry Commons, Falmouth House Assisted Living, Legacy Memory Care, our 4-season pool and the new Schoolhouse Cottages. Don’t miss our Annual Campus Open House, on September 11th, to see our solar energy systems firsthand!




To learn more about the ways in which OceanView is an environmentally-friendly community, visit our Commitment to Sustainability page online.

OceanView’s Solar Energy Featured on WCSH News Center

Yesterday, WCSH News Center’s Tory Ryden interviewed Fortunat Mueller of ReVision Energy and OceanView’s Development Project Manager, Chris Wasileski, to learn more about the benefits of being on the forefront of energy alternatives. The segment may be viewed below and complete story HERE.

Today at 2:00 PM OceanView is convening industry experts in utility regulation, solar, natural gas, propane and oil for a panel discussion. The panel will be moderated by Jennifer Rooks, host of Maine Calling on MPBN. Panelists include Fortunat Mueller, Founder of Revision Energy; Claudette Townsend, Director of New Products and Services at Dead River; and Tony Buxton, Chair of the Energy Group at Preti Flaherty, LLP.OceanView is an ideal host as our campus features a mix of energy systems that attendees will be able to see firsthand, including over thirty solar energy installations. Join us to see and hear what our future energy mix could be!

Limited seating, RSVP: 207-781-4460

Located at Lunt Auditorium, 74 Lunt Road, Falmouth


WGME’s Dirigo Stories Features OceanView’s “Green” Lifestyle

WGME News Channel 13 stopped by to interview OceanView residents and staff to learn more about the benefits of a “green” retirement lifestyle! View the segment below.

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