breaking down the myths of senior memory care

Breaking Down the Myths of Memory Care

If you are researching options for senior memory care, being able to separate the truth from the misconceptions is extremely important when making your decision. It’s very common to run into these misconceptions as you do your research, but don’t worry – our guide will reveal the truths behind the myths to help you confidently support your loved one in this journey. Read more

aging in place

5 Challenges of Aging in Place (and How a Retirement Community Can Help!)

Aging in place is the concept that, after living in your home for many years, you decide to remain there for the rest of your life. Where you spend your retirement years is a very important decision, and not one to be taken lightly. While it may be a positive experience for some to age in place at home, the reality is that it can often end up being lonely, unsafe and more trouble than it’s worth as home maintenance and finding services become major burdens.  Read more

Maine CDC Director Doctor Nirav Shah

Hager Fitness Pavilion Dedication Ceremony with Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah

We finally were able to hold a proper Dedication Ceremony for the our new Myron & Gladys Hager Fitness Pavilion, featuring very special guest, Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah!

best places to see foliage in maine

6 Best Places to See Foliage in Maine This Fall

Maine is notorious for many things: fresh lobster, iconic lighthouses, scenic coasts and – of course – unbeatable fall foliage. Visitors travel from all over the country to experience the fiery bursts of color that can be best seen throughout our beautiful state, which is made up of about 90% forest! If you’re starting to plan your trip up to the Pine Tree State this fall, keep reading for our list of the best places to see foliage in Maine! Read more

Mature Couple Holding Hands | Memory Care

9 Tips for Identifying Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease that slowly causes memory loss, eventually impacting thinking and reasoning skills. As it progresses, it can become severe enough to interfere with daily life. As the most common cause of dementia, or general memory loss with cognitive interference, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for about 70% of dementia cases. With an Alzheimer’s diagnosis comes the need for appropriate memory care and a long-term plan to ensure the person’s safety and comfort. Read more

Falmouth Fire-EMS Chief Howard Rice and his team

OceanView Recognizes Local Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Services

In honor of National Police and EMS Weeks, OceanView’s General Manager of Dining Services, Jeff Landry, dropped off some well-deserved meals for our local heroes.

maine summer activities | portland head light

5 Best Things to Do in Maine This Summer

Maine is one of the best places to visit during the summer, and if you’re lucky enough to live here, you know just how precious this season is! There are so many incredible ways to enjoy each day of your active retirement with fun Maine summer activities. Below, we’ve put together some of our favorite things to do during the warmer season in our stunning state! Read more

OceanView Reopens WGME Segment

OceanView Residents Featured on CBS News

WGME News reported on how glad our residents and staff are to finally have life at the community return to normal!

photography memory care for senior

How to Use Photography for Memory Support in Seniors

As we age, our cognitive functions can become impaired, leading to memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Memory care can be a challenging path to travel for those who are trying to support their loved ones experiencing cognitive impairment at any level. 

There are certain activities that can not only help slow the symptoms of memory loss, but even keep it at bay – one of the best ways to support cognitive function is through photography. Photography can have such a positive impact on a person’s well-being and there are so many benefits to this hobby, such as decision making, confidence and boosting self-esteem. Photography also encourages focus and calms the mind, aiding in anxiety and depression. Below, we highlight some of the incredible benefits of photography for memory support in seniors. Read more

OceanView Residents Tour Children's Museum and Theater of Maine

Residents Enjoy OceanView Organized Trips Again!

With our residents all vaccinated against Coronavirus, we have been happy to start reopening dining, amenities, in-person fitness classes and activities, all in accordance with Maine CDC guidelines. This week we were pleased to start offering outings, starting with a special invitation from the Children’s Museum & Theater of Maine!