Resident Portal


The Ocean View Library is managed by the Library Committee, which meets on the first Tuesday of
every month (except July and August) at 1:30 pm in the library. All residents are welcome to attend these
meetings, to ask questions, and to make comments.


The library contains over 2000 books, which are separated into several main sections, some of which have subsections. The library is organized as follows clockwise around the room from the front door:

  • “RETURNS” shelf. Please do not remove books from this shelf.
  • Display book shelves and “new” books. These books may be checked out.
  • OVAuth – Books written by OceanView residents and staff.
  • REF – Reference books, which cannot be checked out.
  • LGPR – Large Print books – biographies by subject, non-fiction by Dewey number, and fiction by author/title.
  • BIOG – Biographies by name of the subject followed by author/title (duplicate name indicates autobiography).
  • MAINE (in the “Quiet Room”) – Books in which the characteristics of the State of Maine are a significant component – biographies of Mainers by subject, fiction by author/title, and non-fiction by Dewey number.
  • Newspapers (in the “Quiet Room”) – Portland Press-Herald and usually New York Times – newspapers may not be removed from the library.
  • NON-FICTION – Non-fiction ordered by Dewey number and author/title. Single page summaries of the Dewey classification are posted in several places.
  • Lecture series (in the computer room) – CD/DVDs with text, on various subjects. For now, these may be borrowed without checkout but should be returned if not being actively used.
  • Magazines – Magazines in the racks circulate freely but should be returned in timely fashion. Magazines in the box on the floor are free discards.
  • Mass-market Paperbacks – Standard-sized paperback fiction by author. These may be borrowed without checkout.
  • CD audio books and DVD movies. These may be borrowed without checkout; please return them in timely fashion.
  • FICT – Fiction by author/title. Most mysteries have a green “MYST” label on the spine.
  • Free Shelf (rack opposite the door) – library discards, unwanted donations, and duplicates. Please take them and do not bring them back.


All books except REF and mass-market paperbacks have checkout cards in the back.

When you take a book from the library, please put your name and the date (including year) on the card from the back of the book and place the card in the Checkout box by the main door. There is no due date, but we will request return of books that have been out for more than three months.

When you return a book, place it on the “RETURNS” shelf, which is just below the checkout box. Please do not re-shelve books.


The OV Library does not have any funds to buy books, so we depend on donations by residents. Donated books may be left on the work bench in the computer room. We also appreciate mass-market paperbacks, recent magazines, DVD movies, and audio books. BUT we will NOT keep items in the following categories, so you can save us some trouble by NOT donating them.


  • Fiction older than ten years (2010 and earlier), unless it is a Large Print or a “classic”
  • Magazines older than two months
  • Biographies or autobiographies of “has-beens”, “flash-in-the-pans”, etc.
  • Travel guides, cookbooks, textbooks, encyclopedias, and out-of-date books
  • Devotional books
  • Books of limited or no interest to OV readers
  • Worn out, moldy, or water-damaged books and those with broken bindings
  • Personal items, notebooks, booklets, pamphlets, and magazine collections
  • Music CDs, BlueRay discs, video tapes, and audio cassettes

Donations are not tax-deductible. All donated books become the property of OceanView. The OV Library Committee will determine whether a donated book will be added to the OV library collection, placed on the Free rack, passed on to Legacy or the Falmouth Library book sale, or recycled.


Books in the OVAuth, LGPR, BIOG, MAINE, NON-FICTION, and FICT collections are listed in an online catalog. The catalog is accessible from your home or from the computers adjacent to the Library at:

Make sure the upper left box says “All collections” or “Your books”, and that “List” and “Member” are selected (blue).

To search for a book or author in the Ocean View catalog, DO NOT use the search box in the dark strip. Use the smaller box on the next line that says “Search your library.” (Note: the system does not tolerate miss-spellings). To avoid unwanted narrow searches, make sure the button on the far left says “All collections,” and the button on the far right just says “Search.”

The “Tags” column shows the spine label and thus where the book is on the shelves. Clicking the “Tags” header sorts the books into their shelf order.

Clicking on a title will show the full bibliographic record for that book, including Library Thing member reviews. Clicking on the author name will show information on that author.

Use the back button on your browser to go back to previous screens.

There are a confusing variety of ways to further limit the search and to change the information shown.

If you have problems or questions about Library Thing, please ask Tony Federer or Barbara Briggs for help.

The Library Committee and the OV reading community owe deep thanks to the late Don Morton, who for a number of years organized the library and initiated our LibraryThing catalog.