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Fitness Videos

Joint Mobility with Ryan

Chair Class with Ross

Yoga with Jameson

High Intensity Floor Class with Kate

Yoga with Kate – Zoomed August 4, 2020

Yoga with Kate – Zoomed July 28, 2020

Floor Cardio with Kate – Zoomed July 27, 2020

Yoga with Kate – Zoomed June 30, 2020

Chair Exercise with Christina – Zoomed June 29, 2020

Cossack Squat

T Spine Mobility Drill

Tree Pose

Hip Flexor Stretch with Arm Raise

Wall Slide

Cat Pose

Arm Circles

Chair Dips

Runner’s Sit Ups

Single Leg Pendulum Swing

Step Lunge Matrix

Clock Face Balance Game

Push-Up – 3 Variations

Romanian Deadlift3 Variations

Squat – 3 Variations

Bent Over Row – 3 Variations

Lunge – 3 Variations

Balance – 3 Variations

Front Raise Hold Challenge

Quadriceps Isolation Progressions

Rotator Cuff Health


Seated Chest Press

Seated Reverse Crunch

Mobility Warm Up

Sit-to-Stand Tempo Variations

Core Work

Cardio Warm Up


Hamstring Stretch

Chair Class

Moves You Can Use
(10  Clips)

Shoulder Health
(4  Clips)

Grocery Bag Offset Farmer Carry

Peanut Butter Jar Single Arm Overhead Press

Broom Core Rotation

Fridge Single Arm Row + Oven Bent Over Row


Chef Liam Makes Pasta

Cowbell Challenge