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Would the person who made the stellar potato salad for last night’s potluck dinner be willing to share the recipe? From Saturday, 2/24/24. Best I’ve ever had!

Thank you,

Ruth F.



Tom and I have moving boxes to give away, small and medium sizes. Available anytime and we can deliver.

Contact Tom at 202-422-0962 and if interested.

Thank you.

Diana Allen

3 Whipple Farm Lane

Second Chance Gift Shop


Please visit Second Chance Gift Shop display case open 24/7 beside Gazebo Grille, Main Lodge.

Please pay exact cash at front desk OR check made out to PORTLAND WHEELERS, our current non-profit recipient.

Interested in any of these vintage treasures? Call or message 878-8134

See the glass case display in Blueberry Commons:

See this display by The Gazebo Grille:

Mesh metal compartmented trays to get you organized: $8 each or pair $15

Polder (4 piece)  metal dish rack with plastic drain tray
(no picture)    $5

Interested ?
call/ message Eunice 878-8134 or


I am looking for an accountant to help with finances. Thanks.

Please respond by email to Denney at


Selling this dry sink. Make an offer. Proceeds will go to the OVRAF for their planned donations.

Grace Lashua, L232