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Welcome to the Resident Bulletin Board! This is a new space for residents to post general questions meant for other residents.

Looking for help watering your flowers while away? More players for games or activities? Looking to borrow an item? Post it here!

To post on the Bulletin Board, please email Dustin Bonk at with your request. Dustin will only post the question here. He will not act as an intermediary between residents.

Your short post must include: your full name, a timeframe if the post is time sensitive, and contact info, like a phone number or email address. 

I will do my best to update the Bulletin Board as quickly as I can, but it may sometimes take a day or two. If your post here is no longer relevant, please inform me and I will remove it. Thank you! – Dustin Bonk


A few years ago my tax man died and I haven’t found a tax person in Maine to do my Maine taxes.

Can you help in any way?


Pam Strayer

(207) 517-0494,, (207) 781-2566

Are you a P.E.O.?

Bonnie Y, Gloria O, Judy H, Nancy E-B and Marion H have discovered our sisters here by chance.

We’d love to add more to our group to meet occasionally at the Grill.

Most of us have joined Portland Chapter D as well.

Call Bonnie at 909-229-7294 to meet your other sisters. ♥

I’ve completed my very first two pieces of rug hooking (one large and one small pillow) and now I need to take them to have them transformed into pillows. Any recommendations for good places to have this done in our area? I would appreciate suggestions.

-Linda Lewis, 207-479-4333


I am available to help with any organizing in your apartment or cottage. I am happy to help with books, files, clothes, or any other items to help tidy up.

You can contact me at or 747-5664.

-Starr Stevens


I need a seamstress/tailor in the area to adjust clothing.

Barbara King


Is there any resident here who uses a ResMed 10 CPAP machine? I need advice in how to operate it. Please contact me.

781-7767 and leave a message or send an email to

Thank you!

-Deena Weinstein