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Resident Life Transitions

The Resident Life Transitions series was created for residents’ benefit at the request of the OceanView Resident Assistance Fund with help from Marketing, Wellness, and Activities staff members.

Part One: Transitioning to Assisted Living

Part One: Transitioning to Assisted Living” was presented on November 10, 2022, and filmed for public viewing. “Transitioning to Assisted Living” covers all the topics residents should be thinking about in case their independent situation should change and they want to take advantage of their priority access to Falmouth House Assisted Living or Legacy Memory Care.

Topics covered include:

  • Continuum of Care – OceanView’s Wellness Manager/Resident Advocate
  • Reasons to Start the Discussion
  • What’s Best for the Resident?
  • In-Home Care or Assisted Living?
  • Couples: Just One or Both?
  • Assessments
  • Services, Costs & Financial
  • How OV Sells Your Current Apartment or Cottage

Part Two is tentatively scheduled for early to mid December 2022, and it will be uploaded to YouTube. Stay tuned!

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