“Living in a retirement community is said to add as much as six years to your life. There is a great deal of evidence that would support the underlying lessening of stress when one is a part of such a community.

Consider our life at OceanView. This past winter had record breaking snowfall. But here our roads were plowed, driveways cleared, walkways and porches swept……all before we were out of bed.

Recently, our refrigerator lost cooling. A telephone call at 7:30 AM was taken by John on the maintenance team. John answered that he would be ‘right on it.’ In a very short time, he appeared with a temporary refrigerator and word that the appliance company was on its way. The problem was diagnosed, new parts acquired and the refrigerator was running the next day. As a consequence of this attention and the interim refrigerator, there was no spoilage of food, including a significant supply of Omaha steaks!

Can’t imagine this happening ‘off campus’ without OceanView’s clout and maintenance team. It is no wonder that we feel a bit spoiled and have a warm, comfortable feeling at OceanView.”  ~ Noreen