Tom & Merle

“Every day we give thanks that we moved here.”

“When I decided to retire from my life of teaching and scholarship at Yale, Merle Marie and I had two great concerns: 1.  selling a house we loved, downsizing, and coordinating a buyer’s timeline with moving into our newly built cottage, and 2. missing the rich intellectual and artistic life of the university in which we were immersed. Both fears evaporated with the friendly, competent, professional help of the OceanView staff and community.

We attended a number of events before the move that helped us put all the details of the transition in perspective.  And once we arrived, we found ourselves enjoying the rich intellectual and artistic opportunities on campus and in the greater Portland area. I am an avid walker and cross-country skier, and to my delight I am able to do both on the beautiful OceanView campus, and both of us have relished lectures and films, ranging from an archaeologist reviewing exciting new findings in the evolution of human beings to a series on Shakespeare’s plays. ~ Tom