March 21, 2020

A sixth resident of OceanView at Falmouth has tested presumptive positive for COVID-19 and is being cared for at Maine Medical Center. This resident had not been connected to the initial cases at OceanView. However, per the CDC, due to statewide community spread it is no longer possible to definitively determine the source of exposure.

Accordingly, the CDC recommends that everyone observe physical distancing best practices, to self-quarantine if you believe you may have been exposed, and to contact your healthcare provider if you become symptomatic. We also continue to strongly urge all of our residents to shelter in place (as defined in the FAQ below) and adhere to personal hygiene best practices. We remain in regular contact with the CDC and with local public safety officials.

To recount, there are now six (6) OceanView residents who have tested presumptive positive for COVID-19. Of these, three (3) residents are receiving care at Maine Medical Center and three (3) are recuperating at their respective homes. Due to HIPAA regulations we are prohibited from providing any additional details.

Below are answers to some frequent questions we have been asked:

How many residents live at OceanView at Falmouth?
We have 421 phenomenal residents in total on the OceanView campus, which includes 47 in assisted living and 24 in memory care.

How many staff do you have at OceanView?
We have approximately 200 staff at OceanView. We can’t say enough of how wonderful a job they are doing right now. Their dedication is limitless.

How are your staff?
All of our staff are rockstars who we are immeasurably indebted to. Three of our nurses are in self-quarantine, but have not shown symptoms and even they are making daily wellness calls to check on residents. We are operating at full capacity thanks to their dedication!

Do you have enough protective equipment?
This is a country-wide concern and thankfully, we are supplied to meet current need. However, to ensure sustained preparedness, we have placed an order for additional equipment with the CDC.

What does shelter in place mean?
We understand there has been confusion in terminology and shifting use. CNN has a great article describing the difference between shelter in place, self-quarantine, and isolation. We are abiding by these definitions.

Shelter in place is for those who have not been exposed and are not symptomatic, but for whom remaining at home is recommended to avoid community spread. At this time, we are recommending shelter in place for our residents.

Self-quarantine is for individuals who have been exposed, but are not symptomatic. We have residents in this category, which means they have been asked to stay at home, practice social distancing when it is necessary to leave home, and contact their healthcare provider if they become symptomatic.

Isolation is for individuals who have tested positive. This means they must remain at home and also isolate themselves from people in their home.

Maureen Connolly, RN – Executive Director
Diane Kibbin, RN – Director of Operations