Aerial view of OceanView with Casco Bay and Presumpscot River estuary.

April 16, 2020

A twelfth resident of OceanView at Falmouth has tested positive for COVID-19. Due to HIPAA regulations we are prohibited from providing any additional details. Per the CDC, due to community transmission it is no longer possible to definitively determine the source of exposure.

Given the extent of community spread across the region and in adherence to updated recommendations from the CDC, we have instituted new protocols on campus. In addition to those protocols already in place, we are now requiring all residents and staff to wear a mask or face covering when in the hallways or any common areas. This had been a recommendation per the CDC, but to limit spread we believe it to be a necessary requirement at this time.

Below are answers to questions we are frequently asked:

Why does OceanView at Falmouth not report resident deaths due to COVID-19?
OceanView at Falmouth is an independent retirement community. Accordingly, we must respect the privacy of our independent residents and have therefore never divulged the circumstances of a resident’s death other than to notify the proper parties that a resident has passed away. 

How do I properly use a face mask or covering?
You need to cover both your nose and mouth and wash your hands before donning, and after removing, your mask. You also need to wash your cloth mask or face covering daily. Gloves may be worn when you are touching surfaces outside of your home, but is not a substitute for stringent hand washing hygiene or use of hand sanitizer. Hands should be washed or sanitized both before donning gloves and after the removal. 

How many residents live in the community at OceanView at Falmouth?
We have over 400 phenomenal residents in total on the OceanView campus among independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

How many staff do you have at OceanView?
We have approximately 200 staff at OceanView. We can’t say enough how wonderful a job they doing right now. Their dedication is limitless. 

How are your staff?
All of our staff are rock stars who we are immeasurably indebted to. We continue to operate with sufficient levels of staffing and we are grateful for their dedication.

Do you have enough personal protective equipment (PPE)?
This is a country-wide concern and thankfully, we are supplied to meet current need. However, to ensure sustained preparedness, we communicate regularly with the CDC and the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency to keep them advised of our level of need. 

Maureen Connolly, RN – Executive Director
Diane Kibbin, RN – Director of Operations