OceanView presents check to Falmouth Food PantryAbove, left to right: Dorothy Blanchette, Falmouth Food Pantry President; Suzanne Federer (in gazebo) Resident Fundraiser Chair; Diane Kibbin, OceanView Director of Operations.

COMMUNITY NEWS, Portland Press Herald

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Falmouth Food Pantry has seen its fundraising options reduced while the need for its services grows. To help alleviate this disparity, the OceanView at Falmouth community recently donated $33,494 to the food pantry in support of food insecure families. Fundraising efforts were led by resident donations during the annual Food 4 Falmouth drive.

“This year, because of the pandemic, we were not able to partner with the Falmouth Middle School students for our annual non-perishable food drive in support of the Falmouth Food Pantry,” said Suzanne Federer, resident chair of the Food 4 Falmouth fundraiser. “But I knew the need to support food insecure families was even greater this year, so I reached out to the OceanView residents to donate. Their response was overwhelming!”

In addition to resident donations, the total amount also included proceeds from the community’s recent “en plein air” art auction, which featured 30 artworks in various media created by a group of residents inspired by the gardens and grounds of OceanView and Maine nature. OceanView donations also came from leadership, who contributed to match a portion of the donations.