OceanView Fitness Manager, Kate Foley, Guest on Maine Calling


For years, scientists and researchers have extolled the benefits that exercise can contribute to our physical wellbeing. They now are discovering the positive impacts physical activity also has on mental health. This was the topic of discussion today on Maine Public’s call-in show “Maine Calling.”

Maine Calling on Maine Public

OceanView’s Fitness Manager, Kate Foley, was invited on as a guest, along with Scott Douglas, Contributing Editor for Runner’s World; and Glenn Stevenson, Associate Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator for Neuroscience at the University of New England. Hosted by Jennifer Rooks, the panel of experts addressed listeners’ thoughts and questions on ways to get more exercise into your life and how it can help you feel better—both physically and psychologically.

Listen to the show here: http://mainepublic.org/post/exercise-and-mental-health-how-do-they-correlate