At OceanView, we lean heavily towards being a green energy retirement community. In every aspect of our community, we prioritize our focus on renewable resources, recycling and composting, reusable products and energy efficiency.

That’s why we are proud to showcase the new task force being spearheaded by Jeff Landry, our General Manager of Catering and Food Services, to help reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics on campus while increasing composting and recycling efforts. We’ve already transitioned from plastic to all paper straws on campus, which has been very well-received by our residents.

“We feel that we can do better,” says Landry. “Our goals and mission will be clearly laid out…as we develop a plan for good practices, we will be able to share information with the staff and residents alike. It is a very exciting initiative.”

Our “green” initiatives may start in the dining room, but they have a profound impact on all aspects of retirement living at OceanView. In addition to serving locally-sourced foods and using environmentally-friendly cleaning products, we also employ more than 600 solar panels and over 100 solar water collectors across our campus.

With a 30-year history of combining environmental sustainability, nature, and active living, OceanView is truly retirement living for the 21st century. Enjoy peace of mind for the future (not to mention lower energy bills!) with our green initiatives. To learn more about our community, please contact us today.