OceanView's Whipple Farm Distinctive Dining Expands

OceanView’s Whipple Farm Distinctive Dining Expands

Distinctive dining is growing at OceanView, and just in time for spring! Beginning in April, our new restaurant-style menu will be served on Friday and Saturday nights. Savor regionally inspired specialties, celebrating our history, enjoyed in the comfort of the historic 1756 Whipple Farmhouse.

Residents may dine with friends or ask for an open reservation to meet new ones. Chef Chris Ventimiglia artfully prepares every dish with care, utilizing the finest ingredients. As a resident or guest of OceanView, you can take advantage of our convenient transportation service to dine in comfort throughout the four seasons.

For special events and gatherings, residents may reserve Whipple Farmhouse. Chef Ventimiglia will create a customized menu and make a memorable dining experience to share with your friends and family.

Distinctive Dining at Whipple Farm: treating OceanView residents and their guests to a special night out, without having to travel far!