Falmouth House resident honored with the Boston Post Cane

Congratulations, Betty!

“In recognition of the 23 years of residency in the Town of Falmouth, and that you have been declared the oldest female citizen of the Town at the age of 101, it is with great pleasure that we hereby honor you as our 33rd recipient of the Falmouth Boston Post Cane.” – Hope Cahan, Town Council Chair

Betty posing with the Boston Post Cane

The Boston Post Cane is a tradition dating back to 1909 honoring the oldest residents in a town. It is celebrated across hundreds of towns in New England to this day.

Falmouth House resident Betty was born in New Jersey but has spent most of her life in Maine. She and her family lived in Raymond for more than 40 years before settling into an OceanView cottage in 2000.

Betty moved to Falmouth House almost two years ago.

Surrounded by her neighbors and staff at Falmouth House, her close friends and family, and officials from the Town of Falmouth, Betty accepted the historic Boston Post Cane.

Sadly, Betty passed away in our care in January of 2024.