OceanView Celebrates 27 Years!

OceanView Celebrates 27 Years!

OceanView took a trip to the Wild West
to celebrate our 27th Anniversary!

Our Main Lodge was decorated with barn boards, saddles, pumpkins, boot-shaped and cow-print balloons. “Wanted” posters throughout the building depicted a hooligan who looked suspiciously like one of our residents! There was also a dance floor, saloon, jail and even Mr. John Wayne came!


Some folks came all dressed in the spirit of the wild west, and for those who didn’t, there were plenty of bandanas and hats to go around!

The whimsy didn’t stop at the decorations and clothes. The beverages, appetizers, dinner entrees and desserts all were given a western flair; thanks to our always creative team of chefs!

Mr. John Wayne, though quiet and a little stiff, kindly posed for photos with fans.

Even the OceanView staff couldn’t resist getting into the part!

Thank you to all of our wonderful residents for making these past 27 years so incredible!