OceanView Donates $30

OceanView Donates $30,000 of Materials


For the past five years, OceanView at Falmouth has made donations to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland and the Cumberland Wood Bank. We carry on this tradition with the latest development of an additional 14 custom-built homes for our new Schoolhouse Cottages neighborhood.

ReStore CabinetsHabitat ReStore


To make room for the new cottages, OceanView bought and razed three homes. About $30,000 worth of usable materials from the homes – including cabinets, doors, windows, copper piping and boilers – was salvaged and donated to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. The sale of these items will help fund new Habitat homes for local families, aligning with OceanView’s value of supporting affordable housing options.

Cumberland Woodbank

Along with the donations to Habitat, all hardwood trees that came down to make room were donated to the Cumberland Wood Bank, which should provide about 10 cords of wood this winter to those in need.Woodbank Volunteers

Here at OceanView at Falmouth, we remain committed to sustainability and social responsibility, values which we strive to incorporate into every aspect of our community.