OceanView Donates Wood to Cumberland Wood Bank

OceanView Donates Wood to Cumberland Wood Bank

The Cumberland Wood Bank, a community based non-profit volunteer organization, provides wood and monetary heating assistance to Cumberland and its neighboring communities. They operate through donations of hardwood logs from the generosity of both private individuals and development projects.



OceanView has and will continue to donate usable hardwoods from trees being removed for building the remainder of our Schoolhouse Cottages Neighborhood.


What wood the Bank doesn’t give to those in need, is sold at current market rates or above, and 100% of those funds are used to provide fuel assistance to those who can’t burn wood. Funding for operational expenses and equipment maintenance is supported by the volunteers and private donations.


For more information about the Cumberland Wood Bank, how you can volunteer or make a donation of wood, money or equipment; visit: www.woodbank.org .