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6 Gentle Outdoor Exercises for Seniors with Limited Mobility

Staying active becomes increasingly important as we age for maintaining overall health and well-being. However, for seniors with limited mobility, finding suitable exercises can be challenging. While traditional workouts might seem daunting, the great outdoors offers a plethora of gentle exercises tailored to seniors’ needs. From serene strolls to calming stretches, we highlight a few low-impact outdoor activities to try! Read more

OceanView Welcomes New Sustainability Coordinator

OceanView at Falmouth has named Mitchell DeBortoli as its new Sustainability Coordinator.

In this position, DeBortoli will lead OceanView’s sustainability initiatives, which, over the last decade, have included the installation of solar panels on homes and common buildings throughout the community, the addition of heat pumps, solar-powered water heaters, the installation of electric vehicle car-charging stations, and a campus-wide naturalization plan, which has included the expansion of pollinator habitats. DeBortoli will also oversee the sustainability initiatives at OceanView’s sister community, Cumberland Crossing by OceanView, a community of freestanding homes in Cumberland, which features solar panels and generators as standard features on all homes.

“The community at OceanView recognizes the importance of sustainability and being conscious of the impact that humans have on the world around them,” DeBortoli said. “Working for an organization that recognizes these ideas is important to me, and getting to make an impact in the community I work in is very fulfilling.”

DeBortoli also aims to explore sustainable and carbon-neutral building materials and tiles that OceanView can use in the years ahead. Prior to joining OceanView at Falmouth, DeBortoli spent two years as an environmental scientist for the engineering firm and government contractor Leidos, which is based in Virginia.

He lives in Portland, Maine.

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How to Stay Safe During the Maine Winter: 8 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

The winter season brings with it festive cheer, hot cocoa, and cozy evenings indoors. Unfortunately, it also brings icy sidewalks, cold winds, snow-covered driveways, and slippery roads that can pose a serious risk to seniors. However, there are many simple steps that seniors can take to protect themselves! In this blog post, we will outline 8 winter safety tips for seniors and discuss how a senior living community can help you stay safe and happy during the Maine winter. Read more

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Senior Living Community in Maine

Retirement can be one of the most liberating and fulfilling times of your life. You finally have the time to relax, explore your hobbies, travel, and spend more time with your loved ones. However, it’s important to find a living arrangement that meets your needs and preferences as you age. If you’re thinking about moving to a retirement community or senior apartment in Maine, there are many factors to consider that will ensure you’ll be happy, healthy, and engaged.  Read more

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Lifestyle Habits That Could Reduce Your Risk of Dementia

The chance of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease increases as we age. It’s a growing problem around the world that affects millions of people’s cognitive function, memory, behavior, and ability to perform daily activities. It can be a scary thought, especially for seniors who want to maintain their quality of life for as long as possible. 

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