OceanView & Falmouth School Students Stock Food Pantry

OceanView & Falmouth School Students Stock Food Pantry

Seven years ago, a group of OceanView residents were inspired to organize a food drive within our community. The donated items were picked up by Falmouth school students, loaded onto a bus and brought to the local Falmouth Food Pantry. This partnership and food drive continues to be a success each year and fulfilling for all involved.

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Earlier this week, our large Commons Room was filled with bags of food generously donated by OceanView residents and staff.

8th graders from Falmouth Public School arrived and loaded everything onto a bus. Once at the Food Pantry, the students unloaded the bags, sorted the individual food items and stocked the shelves.

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For over 30 years the Falmouth Food Pantry has been serving the needs of citizens, not only in Falmouth, but also the surrounding communities of Cumberland, Yarmouth, Portland and Westbrook. Six volunteer managers work with other volunteers to serve clients at the Pantry, deliver meals to some, meet large food donations, and stock the shelves.

For more information on needed items,
drop-off locations and volunteer opportunities call:
207- 699-5305