One Site Left to Custom-Build at Whipple Farm

One Site Left to Custom-Build at Whipple Farm

OceanView recently celebrated the completion of the 41st home at the Whipple Farm expansion to the OceanView campus. The project consists of 40 cottage-style homes and two townhouses in an antique reproduction barn. The master-plan includes the preservation of five acres of open space as conservation land, maintaining the picturesque view of the historic, pre-Revolutionary War farmhouse on the property.

“With most of the neighborhood completed, we’ve found that the Whipple Farm residents are younger retirees, attracted by the spacious floor plans and maintenance-free lifestyle,” Said Gloria Walker, Sales and Marketing Manager. “It allows them to forego an interim move to a condo and enjoy the benefits of a close-knit, full-service community just minutes from Portland. They have time to enjoy the things they love and don’t have to make a future move if their needs change.”

The cottage-style homes at Whipple Farm are designed with traditional Cape Cod architecture. The Whipple Farm barn has been rebuilt and includes two townhouse style homes as well as common area space for a wood working shop, locker rooms, coffee cafe and indoor pool access. The three-season pool is approximately 20′ X 60′ in length and is the site of a very popular water aerobics class that runs from May through October. The 1756 farmhouse has been preserved and is available as a community meeting space and for resident programs. Falmouth Historical Society uses the upstairs for office space.

“The community atmosphere was a big selling point for me,” said Judy Gass, a Massachusetts native and early buyer at Whipple Farm. “I sold my Cape Cod residence to be closer to my family and Portland. I lived in Portland a long time ago and it really has become a destination city,” said Gass, whose daughter lives in southern Maine.

Included in the Whipple Farm project is the development of a loop walkway that connects to local schools via the Esther O’Brien trails, and is designed to enhance walking opportunities for OceanView residents and neighbors.

For more information about the final site or for any Whipple Farm resale cottages at OceanView, contact Gloria Walker at (207) 781-4460.