detox after holiday festivities

6 Ways to Reset After the Holidays

There is so much that goes on during the holiday months between late November and early January. From cooking and planning to travel and socializing, often combined with overindulgence and less-than-ideal amounts of exercise, you may feel like you need a reset. That post-holiday slump is normal, and luckily there are various simple ways to help your body and mind detox after holiday festivities! Here are 6 easy tips to get you started.

How to Reset After the Holidays

1. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a mindful practice that helps increase our quality of life and better manage all the ups and downs that life may throw at us. After a busy season, it’s important to wind down in a way that feels rejuvenating to you. Whether it’s spending time outdoors, doing your favorite hobby, or eating a fresh, healthy diet, self-care will help you deeply reset after the holidays.

2. Focus on Nutrition

After indulging in delicious meals, mouthwatering baked goods, and festive cocktails, focusing on what you put in your body once the holidays are over is essential to help you get back to healthy habits. Regularly eating wholesome, nutritious foods can help improve your mental clarity, give your energy levels a boost, and increase resilience in your immune system. Try to work in colorful produce, whole grains, “good” fats like olive oil or avocados, and lean proteins.

3. Exercise Regularly (Outside, If You Can!)

Nothing feels better for the mind, body and soul than some time spent in the fresh, crisp air and sunshine – especially if you’re exercising. Though it may be chilly this time of year, it’s just as beautiful, and there is no shortage of winter outdoor activities in Maine! There are so many places you can go to to walk, hike, snowshoe, cross-country or downhill ski. Whatever your preferred exercise may be, try to do it outside and reap the benefits!

4. Get Organized

After all the excitement of the holidays, life can feel a little disheveled. Invest in a planner (if you don’t already have one), write out your daily tasks and deadlines, and start planning for 2023 as much as you’re able to. You’ll feel so refreshed in the new year!

5. Stay Hydrated

Water is an incredibly powerful resource and may be just the ticket to help you reset your body after the holiday season! Water helps your body function properly – it’s great for your skin, digestive tract, cognitive function, and so much more! Whether you’d prefer ice water or sparkling, try to get in several cups per day. If you get sick of water, you can also mix it up with fat-free milk, 100-percent fruit juice, or even low-sodium broth! Staying hydrated will be key to help you detox after holiday festivities.

6. Get Plenty of Rest

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the power of a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your health! It’s a complete body reset, both physically and mentally. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults aged 65 and up should be getting a minimum of 7 to 8 hours per night. Try to avoid screens an hour before bed, set the thermometer down a few degrees, and listen to relaxing music or a podcast to help you drift off.

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