Blueberry Commons Construction Update

Blueberry Commons Construction Update

Blueberry Commons is right on schedule for completion this spring! Building #14, our 3-story building at Blueberry Commons, as seen from two different sides, now has a roof! Windows will be going in this week and the building will be ready for interior work shortly!

Blueberry CommonsBlueberry Commons

In this photo, you can see Building 14 to the left and Hilltop Lodge to the right. The temperature controlled, atrium style connector will pass from one to the other, attaching these two buildings, so residents can go from their home to any fitness classes, movies or dining options without going outside! The connector will also project straight back to Building 16 in the distance.

Our rooftop views give a good feeling for the overall progress of Building 14 to the left and Building 16 to the right through the trees. Building 12 is in the center background and will be the last of the three to be completed in May, 2014. We can’t wait!


Blueberry Commons Concept

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