Exercising with Arthritis - Water Aerobics Class

We get it – arthritis can be a real pain! That pain can not only limit the extent of one’s activity, but even limit mobility in general. However, studies have shown that exercise helps to keep joints strong and flexible, improve energy, and even provide relief for conditions that impact them, including arthritis.

Having exercise options gives you the freedom to choose what works best for your body and your schedule. Our experienced Fitness Team can help – and with our new, state-of-the-art Fitness Pavilion opening in November, we will soon have an inspiring space with new equipment to make it more fun. We’ve put together a guide on some of the best ways to succeed in exercising with arthritis. Remember to check with your doctor before starting any new fitness program.

Low-Impact Sports

Gentle, low-impact sports are an incredible way to get moving while still taking it easy on sore joints. These sports help to not only burn calories, but increase strength in the natural movements required to play, such as bending, squatting or lunging. Don’t push yourself too hard, though – if you start to feel any pain, allow yourself to take a break.

Some great low-impact sports to try include bocce ball, pickleball and even golf! In fact, at OceanView we offer a Golf FORE Life program that allows residents to golf at the Falmouth Country Club, Val Halla, and Highland Green Golf Club courses, all free of charge!


While not technically considered a sport, walking is another low-impact activity that is a wonderful way to relieve arthritis pain while strengthening your muscles and reducing stress. There are so many health benefits to walking, especially when walking outdoors! Whether you’re walking on a treadmill or nature trail, be mindful of inclines as both uphill and downhill slopes can put extra stress on the knees and lower legs.

Swimming & Water Aerobics

Water exercise is incredible for arthritis relief, and a great workout to boot. Bodies become 50% more buoyant when immersed in water, meaning you reduce the amount on your joints by half the minute you step into a pool (and up to 75% if you’re in chest-deep). Whether you’re taking a taught class with an instructor or simply swimming laps, you’re sure to feel joint relief.

OceanView offers Water Fitness Classes in our four-season, salt water pool. With a retractable glass ceiling that allows for warm winter swimming and open-air summer pool days, we’ve got you covered in every season!

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OceanView at Falmouth is an active, senior living retirement community, located on a beautiful 80 acre campus in Southern Maine. Just minutes from downtown Portland, there is never any shortage of fun, healthy activities available to enrich your life and keep you moving. Learn more about exercising with arthritis and about our community at OceanView by contacting us today!