OceanView Resident Lee Painting Outside

Lee painting a watercolor in front of the historic Whipple Farmhouse on OceanView’s campus.

French Impressionists were especially delighted with the invention of transportable paints in tubes, as it freed these artists from the confines of their studios, allowing them to paint outdoor landscapes more accurately in-person. The French expression “En plein air” was coined, meaning “in the open air.”

OceanView Resident Lee's Whipple Farmhouse Watercolor

“Whipple Farmhouse” watercolor by Lee.

Mabel and Didi, who have organized other artistic events for our community, had the idea to invite their fellow resident artists to get outside and make some art! Artists of all kinds were asked to participate. Submitted pieces included watercolors, acrylics, pen, quilting, mixed media and fiber mediums.

Cattails Painting by OceanView Resident Arlyss Becker

“Cattails” acrylic by Arlyss.

The works were then presented online and auctioned off, with all proceeds directly benefiting The Falmouth Food Pantry. To date, over $2,000 has been raised. Residents enjoyed the unique event very much and have already asked that it be repeated!