Legacy Memory Care Hosts Falmouth Memory Café

Donna Beveridge and Ken Capron, both of whom have a dementia related diagnosis, decided to pursue the quest of creating grass roots support for those living with dementia. They began to explore outreach and create activities for themselves and others using the Memory Cafés as a tool.

The non-profit MemoryWorks was launched in 2012 with minimal funding and limited support and has been growing ever since. In its initial year, MemoryWorks established a network of nine Cafés. While Ken and Donna were the driving force in getting things started, a lot of people in the dementia care community have helped with new Cafés – helping as volunteers, providing venues and having patience while the magic bean took root. MemoryWorks is also an active member and supporter of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America along with its purpose, programs and outreach.

Memory Cafés are places where anyone with any form of dementia, or memory loss, can go to socialize, learn and have fun. At a Memory Café, people can relax and just be themselves, knowing that no one judges them and all who are there are going through similar challenges. There is no real agenda or stated purpose, except to enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes the group may decide it wants to have speakers, an educational presentation or do a special activity like go to a museum or music recital. Each Memory Café around the country is different, but all are grass roots efforts to assist the person with dementia and their care partner to have a good day.

Legacy Memory Care at OceanView is proud to be the host location for Falmouth’s Memory Cafe. It happens the second Wednesday of the month, at 1:00pm, located in the newly renovated Lunt Auditorium at 74 Lunt Road in Falmouth. The Cafe will be facilitated by Robin Norcross and Diane Kibbin. For more information, please call: 207-781-4621 or 207-781-4460.