Lunt Professional Building Solar Panels Operational

The latest addition to our campus’ solar panels came online last month. Placed along the roof of our Lunt Professional Building, the panels went to work right away in helping the environment. Within just the first week of operation, the panels generated 935 Kilowatt Hours!

So what does 935 Kilowatt Hours translate to? That’s enough electricity to power 2,936.23 light bulbs for a day! 668.15 kilograms of CO2 emissions were saved, which is equivalent to planting 37.79 trees. And this was only the first week.




This is one of many solar electricity and hot water systems on the OceanView campus, including Hilltop Lodge, the Main Lodge Expansion, Blueberry Commons, Falmouth House Assisted Living, Legacy Memory Care, our 4-season pool and the new Schoolhouse Cottages. Don’t miss our Annual Campus Open House, on September 11th, to see our solar energy systems firsthand!




To learn more about the ways in which OceanView is an environmentally-friendly community, visit our Commitment to Sustainability page online.