Solar Electric Vehicle Charger On Campus

Continuing in line with OceanView’s Commitment to Sustainability, a new Electric Vehicle Charger has been installed on our campus, powered by solar energy. Barry Woods, Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation at ReVision Energy, says, “As we continue to see more electric vehicles come on the roads, there will be a real need to provide infrastructure to accommodate the increasing need for charging stations. Maine also has the highest usage of oil per capita than any other state, so finding energy alternatives is crucial in chipping-away at that number. Between all the solar installations and now this vehicle charger, OceanView really is ahead of the curve.”

New OceanView resident Mollie loves her Tesla and had a vehicle charger installed in her new Schoolhouse Cottage, which all include grid-tied solar electric systems and each save 4,000 to 5,000 pounds of CO2 per year. Mollie is glad that OceanView values the environment and recognizes that green energy alternatives are important to sustainability.

OceanView was honored to be named the top winner in the Business Leadership Category at the “eco-Excellence Awards” held in Portland. And OceanView hosted a Business Energy Fair along with the Chamber of Commerce and Town of Falmouth.