Wildflower Meadow Blooms at OceanView

Our new wildflower meadow at OceanView is in full bloom, and it’s wishing you a happy summer solstice!

This week is National Pollinator Week, and it’s a fitting time to introduce you to our beautiful meadow packed with wildflowers.

This new project is an effort to make our 80-acre campus a more friendly environment for our local pollinators, like bees and butterflies, which play an important role in our ecosystem and are shrinking in population.

We have also designated many locations on campus to be naturalization areas, where we will allow the plants and grass to grow naturally, including the grass around the wildflower meadow. This will encourage biodiversity and help our pollinators.

This is all part of OceanView’s Commitment to Sustainability.

The meadow is near our conservation area and can be seen from Middle Road with the historic Whipple Farm House in the background.

The meadow is composed of a mix of a pollinator-friendly native flowers, and the bees are loving it!

Explore these images and expect more in the weeks ahead!