Bart & Sally

Bart & Sally

Bart and Sally in this video talk about why they chose OceanView as the community in which to enjoy their retirement, and why they didn’t wait to make a move. They share their experience with OceanView’s dining services, their neighbors, and the advantages of the community’s location.

Mary Jane

In this short video, Mary Jane talks about why she chose to move to a retirement community when she did and why she decided on OceanView. She shares her experiences interacting with other residents and the staff, participation in the many activities offered, the various opportunities to exercise, and the benefits of living in the Greater Portland area with its nearby attractions, culture and medical services.



Peggy“I thoroughly enjoy living in the relaxed environment here at OceanView, among talented and interesting residents. Everyone, including the staff, is friendly. I find the many programs and activities to be stimulating, educational and fun. My health has improved due to the excellent fitness program, and the food in the Gazebo Grille Café and Main Dining Room is delicious! Through all of the above, I rejoice in having made many new friends.” ~ Peggy

Jim & Liz

Jim & Liz“We were fortunate to have wandered into OceanView during what had started as only the first of several planned informational visits to various retirement communities. A number of things impressed us on our OceanView tour: clearly well designed and landscaped homes (many with solar panels), preservation of woods and a wetland for storm water management, a strong endorsement from a resident we ran into, and the friendliness and enthusiasm of the staff.

Years before we anticipated moving from our home of 46 years in nearby Scarborough, we made a spontaneous decision to put down a deposit on one of the new Schoolhouse Cottages, then existing only as an architect’s drawing. We enjoyed working with OceanView’s landscape architect to create a terraced garden on a south-facing slope, including fruit trees.

Prior to the move here, we appreciated the luncheons, Lobsterbakes and educational programs offering professional advice about staging and selling our home, downsizing and moving, as well as the chance to meet eventual new Schoolhouse neighbors.

We, and our children and grandchildren, are frequent users of the year-round pool, and Liz and I look forward to regular water volleyball practice! As a long distance cyclist, I’ve found the Falmouth roads to be safer and more varied than those around our Scarborough home, and I look forward to rides with other residents. OceanView’s Fitness Center allows us to workout in inclement weather, and this winter we even had the chance to skate with our grandchildren on the little pond below our home!

We appreciate the many OceanView organized occasions to meet others socially, and are pleased to have made friends easily, with folks whose life paths have been amazingly varied and fascinating. And we have welcomed the freedom from raking leaves, shoveling snow, scraping and painting our old farmhouse!”

~ Jim & Liz



Marcia“I felt an enormous sense of relief and peace my first few days in my beautiful apartment here at OceanView. I no longer had the responsibility of a large house and was now near my children. But in addition, I knew immediately that I had chosen a perfect community for me. The staff greeted me by name and made sure I felt welcomed. But best of all, I soon learned that the staff and residents were friendly, interesting and easy to get to know.

For me, my new life allows me the perfect mix of private time, social life, intellectual stimulation and physical activity. The health and wellness programs, food and transportation services have provided me with what I need to stay healthy and fit!  Maintenance and Housekeeping staff keep my apartment clean and worry free. And help of all kinds is just a phone call away!

I am so happy and grateful to live here!” ~ Marcia

Hear more about Marcia’s experience living here at OceanView in our resident panel video: “The Best Decision I Ever Made.”

Tom & Merle Marie

Tom & Merle Marie“When I decided to retire from my life of teaching and scholarship at Yale, Merle Marie and I had two great concerns: 1.  selling a house we loved, downsizing, and coordinating a buyer’s timeline with moving into our newly built cottage, and 2. missing the rich intellectual and artistic life of the university in which we were immersed. Both fears evaporated with the friendly, competent, professional help of the OceanView staff and community.

We attended a number of events before the move that helped us put all the details of the transition in perspective.  And once we arrived, we found ourselves enjoying the rich intellectual and artistic opportunities on campus and in the greater Portland area. I am an avid walker and cross-country skier, and to my delight I am able to do both on the beautiful OceanView campus, and both of us have relished lectures and films, ranging from an archeologist reviewing exciting new findings in the evolution of human beings to a series on Shakespeare’s plays.

Every day we give thanks that we moved here.” ~ Tom



Noreen“Living in a retirement community is said to add as much as six years to your life. There is a great deal of evidence that would support the underlying lessening of stress when one is a part of such a community.

Consider our life at OceanView. This past winter had record breaking snowfall. But here our roads were plowed, driveways cleared, walkways and porches swept……all before we were out of bed.

Recently, our refrigerator lost cooling. A telephone call at 7:30 AM was taken by John on the maintenance team. John answered that he would be ‘right on it.’ In a very short time, he appeared with a temporary refrigerator and word that the appliance company was on its way. The problem was diagnosed, new parts acquired and the refrigerator was running the next day. As a consequence of this attention and the interim refrigerator, there was no spoilage of food, including a significant supply of Omaha steaks!

Can’t imagine this happening ‘off campus’ without OceanView’s clout and maintenance team. It is no wonder that we feel a bit spoiled and have a warm, comfortable feeling at OceanView.”  ~ Noreen



Joan“My decision to move to OceanView has proved a brilliant one! Now in a new community of caring friends, with the numerous activities offered, and Portland’s vibrant art and music scene only a few miles away, I feel very fortunate indeed!

I am very proud of the Blueberry Commons apartment I designed and absolutely love it. Plus, the staff could not be more helpful. It is a win-win situation.” ~ Joan

Hear more about Joan’s experience living here at OceanView in our resident panel video: “The Best Decision I Ever Made.”

Susan & Nancy

Nancy & Susan“We decided to move to OceanView because we wanted to simplify our lives and be part of a vibrant community. At OceanView, we discovered a group of accomplished, interesting people and a myriad of activities to keep us healthy and engaged.

We left large gardens that were becoming unmanageable; now we’ve created even more beautiful gardens around our cottage that are actually a joy to tend.

The year-round pool is glorious for lap swimming, water aerobics, and keeping cool on hot days.

We’re so glad we came to OceanView while we were young enough to downsize on our own and enjoy fully all that OceanView has to offer.”

~ Susan & Nancy


“The maintenance staff are fabulous! They have helped us with several different jobs and we have come to realize that this is one of the greatest assets of OceanView. These wonderful men in maintenance, like Bill and Tim and Chris, who come and are so helpful. It has been one of the biggest helps for us since we moved from our own house and it means a lot.” ~ Sue